Answers to frequently asked questions about occupational therapy and sensory integration therapy for children.

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Lisa Moreno and Laura Cooper, aka ​Pediatric Therapy Solutions has been serving children on the Central Coast since 1999. Read more.


"As you become more sensitive to sensory integration functions in your child, you may be able to help him...lead a happier, more successful life." 
       - A. Jean Ayers, PhD

We offer occupational therapy evaluation and treatment primarily for children ages 0-21 years of age who present with fine motor, gross motor, sensorimotor, sensory regulation, visual motor, visual perceptual and neuromuscular based concerns. We also serve some adult clients. In addition, we work closely with parents, teachers, caregivers and other therapists to best serve the needs of each child. ​​Read more.

The mission of Pediatric Therapy Solutions is to serve children and their families on the Central Coast by facilitating their development, growth and education in a supportive and joyful environment. We uphold the highest clinical standards through our innovative and effective therapy programs, professional expertise and consultation.  

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Promoting and Enhancing Skills for Children in a Specialized Setting